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Here is a digital marketing agency just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Our expertise lies in planning and executing all the steps in the digital journey with a focus on both ROI driven campaigns and in building brand awareness.
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Robin Pettersson

Digital Growth Specialist

+46 (0)723 - 32 75 10

Niklas Johansson

Digital Growth Specialist

+46 (0)735 - 42 91 05

Gary Vasquez

Digital Growth Specialist

+46 (0)762 - 69 33 00

Gustav Önneslöv

Digital Growth Specialist

+46 (0)737 - 40 30 51

Dennis Han

Digital Growth Specialist

+46 (0)736 - 94 99 42

Alex Huang


+46 (0)737 - 53 41 67

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We are located in a creative environment 15 minutes outside Gothenburg. Just by the lake Sävelången lies Nääs Fabriker with a history that goes back to the year 1833 when the businessman Peter Wilhelm Berg started building his business in the weaving industry.

(Nääs Fabriker) Spinnerivägen 1, 448 50 TOLLERED

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